Mining in Laos

The prospects in Laos have exceptional characteristics and attributes. Its location in the center of a region hungry for resources contributes to the project’s excellent economics.

Here are some resources showing the growth process of the mining industry in Laos:

Newmont Mining Exploration for Gold in Laos (1993-1996)

Oxiana sees large gold output from Laos project (2005)

Laos - Brighter Future for Minerals Industry (2006)

Laos/China - China Invests Heavily in Laos (2007)

Vietnamese Firm to Explore Mines in Laos (2008)

PanAust - Closing in on a Rich Lode in Laos (2010)

Dominion Applies for 3 Laos Permits (2010)

The Mineral Potential of Laos (1992)

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